Friday Update, June 8

Josh is doing really well now. At the center, they’re fine tuning his therapy schedules, with an intense day that also includes enforced periods of rest between occupational, physical, and speech/language/cognition therapy appointments.

I spoke with Josh’s physiatrist today. He gave me the thumbs-up to slowly add in new visitors, as long as we keep maintaining the schedules and rules already in place. We’ve got a big ol’ list of people who want to visit, so it’ll still be a while before everyone gets to see Josh, starting with an official representative of his basketball crew and an old friend who happens to have been through a brain injury herself. Stay tuned!

Josh gets to see his kids nearly every day, and his mom arrives in from Portland today. He says he’s pretty happy at the acute rehabilitation center. It seems to be a wonderful, caring place. OK, that’s what I’ve got for you. Off to put Gusty to bed & get back to the hospital.

love, love, & love,


PS: for getting in touch w/ josh, see the Q&A link on this site. thanks.