Walking to Stumptown

Josh and his daughter Amelia head out to Stumptown for coffee. Josh has been at home for a couple weeks now and will post a video later today for you.

Tiffany’s mom, dad, and brother have been driving up and staying at the house, helping immensely with Gusty care, household help, and assisting Josh. His stepmom Carol and brother Jesse flew in recently, too, arriving every day to take Josh on adventures like driving up the Columbia Gorge and visiting brain injury rehabilitation centers.

Speaking of which: Josh has chosen the Cognitive Enhancement Center and will go three times a week to be in an environment specially designed for recovery from this kind of injury. He’ll also end home therapy start outpatient next week.

THANK YOU everyone who’s still hanging in there and helping us out as Josh’s recovery continues. It’s like we’re being visited by the Grocery Fairy and the Food Elves. And the Dishwashing Dwarves, too. It makes all the difference.