Josh’s Recent Progress

Josh has been home for almost two months now and as he puts it, he’s getting a little better every day. Recently, his dedication to physical therapy has paid off: he’s walking really well with a little aid from his cane and even shooting some hoops. His strength and balance return. It probably feels like slow progress when you’re going through it, but from the outside it looks fast.

His daughter Amelia is back in Portland and they spend lots of quality time together, talking, walking down to Stumptown for coffee, going to the park, and Amelia plays guitar for Josh. Our son Gustav is delighted to have Dada back home (he still remembers and talks about the hospital days). They do a whole bunch of reading and coloring together. Today we went and saw our friend Cynthia’s goats.

The Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland (MoCC) recently asked for Plazm materials to display during Design Week in early October. Posters and publications from the magazine’s 21-year history will be shown in the museum’s Lab room.

They say that people stop visiting the patient, and stop volunteering to help the family, a couple months into a long-term injury and recovery period like this. I’m happy to say that They aren’t always right. Though much less desperate than before, we still need help and love (hey, who doesn’t?), and our awesome friends and family are still offering us generosity and support.

We’ll be working through this for many months and knowing that people love, care, and are willing to go the distance makes it feel … do-able. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.