Hello, Fall: Josh’s recovery, Gusty’s birthday…

It’s hard to believe Josh’s accident happened in springtime and that autumn is already here. These have been four+ of the hardest and most surreal months of my life, yet our family’s managing to get by and settle into a new way of being in the world. Josh continues improving, Gusty keeps growing, Amelia is back from visiting her grandmother in Europe, I’m working a lot. Some parts of post-accident life settle into a routine, then change radically when the doctor approves new steps toward independence for Josh.

Josh works hard at the PT, OT, and SLP therapies that continue to help him recover. He attends the Cognitive Enhancement Center three times a week and does cognitive exercises daily through an online program called Lumosity. He’s gained more independence and mobility, and we continue to have high hopes that he will eventually make a full recovery.

(photo is of josh and cousin jane at gusty’s 2nd birthday party…)

As Josh gets better I feel less and less like I can or should speak for him, more and more like I should speak from and about my experience. I hope to have a video or written update from Josh himself here soon. In the meantime, some of my writing inspired by this subject have been published by Boing Boing and bit on my new website.

Your love and help and donations and advice and willingness to listen, your openness and reaching out, still get us through each day, each week, each season. Thank you, everyone. Really.