An Early November Update on Josh & Family

Hello, everybody… as we settle into fall, Josh has posted his own report of his accident, along with the Mitt Romney campaign poster he and Gus Nicklos made.

Progress continues on Josh’s recovery. His employer, Liquid Agency, has been amazingly helpful and supportive during this whole crazy time; in a few weeks, they’ll have a meeting with Josh and his doctor about how to take small steps in getting Josh back to work. Josh is really looking forward to getting started with that (though we don’t know when he’ll be approved to do so).

Josh has also been volunteering for the Obama campaign, going to a lot of medical and therapy appointments, and spending time with his kids. He’s now able to take the bus by himself, and he doesn’t take his cane all that often. Progress!

Am comes over frequently and hangs out with Josh; they go to the food carts, out to coffee, over to the park to shoot some hoops. She’s doing well in school and works part-time too. Gusty’s all about reading, or rather, memorizing dozens of books and “reading” them out loud.

In a real-life conversation, this is usually the part where someone says, looking concerned yet hesitant, “And how are you doing.” (The sentence rarely goes up at the end, like a regular question-mark question would…) I’m pretty OK, very grateful that we’ve had the support to weather all this. People have given so much of themselves and their love to us.

For work, I’m still a freelance writer/artist/editor. I have an ongoing art project at Reed College that will keep evolving and changing for nine months, together with a website and project soundtrack at I’m also acting as an editor and writing coach for a very cool person who’s writing his first book.

Our friend Jeremy started a YouCaring online fundraiser. Old links to that won’t work now, because there is a whole new YouCaring fundraiser now. Jeremy advised us to assess our new expenses and income challenges, so that is in the works. Paypal donations can also be sent to magdalen23 at

We’re hugely thankful for all the donations that flowed in over the last six months!

Much love,