One Year Ago Today… Josh’s Accident Happened.

Happy Accident Anniversary Day, everybody! Josh is halfway through his predicted recovery.

brains on bikesI’m sorry we’ve been so very pathetic about updating this site. Life has swept us away in its forceful arms—and I’m inclined to say that’s a good thing. We’ve got more than enough to fill up our time. Josh is back at work nearly half-time, which is proving challenging. It’s also expected to be good for him in the long run, stretching his mental muscles and eventually his stamina for busy or social environments. For now, he needs lots of downtime mixed in with bicycling to work twice a week, shooting hoops, cognitive therapy, and taking the kids to crazy-loud community pools with tons of screaming children and waterslides and stuff.

Gusty’s adorable, but he’s definitely a toddler: demanding, active, and curious. Amelia is staying with us every other weekend. I’m working part-time on art and writing—which are actually my day jobs, lucky me!—and more-time as a parent and hausfrau.

There will be a reception and one-night-only video installation of my artwork at Reed College on June 13. It’s related to a piece called “Anakena: the Easter Island Project;” that installation can be seen at Reed throughout the summer.

Now that things are less crazed around here, I’m also getting back into my nonprofit mode, preparing to kick New Oregon Arts & Letters up a few levels (the publisher of Plazm) and getting more involved with our local family play area / co-op / community hub, Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-Op. I’m also brainstorming ways to start doing things I miss, things that are difficult on a budget and impossible when you have an injured loved one and small baby at home. Traveling, going to Burning Man, eating fabulous foodie foods, being out and about in the world like a normal cultural person. Not exactly world-changing stuff, but important to me! I can’t speak for Josh… hopefully he’ll post here soon… for myself, I had a very emotional week processing the one-year marker of the accident… but in general I feel like I’m emerging from a cocoon.

In much more important news: in under two minutes I wrote a haiku about food for a contest, and won VIP tickets to a decadent food event. Life ain’t bad.


PS: Thank you Jack for the photo! He shot this in Amsterdam this week. Heh.