Q & A

Updated June 14, 2012


Josh was in a bike accident in Southeast Portland on May 18, on his daily commute. There were no other vehicles involved, no police report, witnesses we haven’t personally talked to yet. He was seen going over the handlebars. He was wearing a helmet. It’s in great shape.

In these remarkable three weeks, Josh has gone from being unconscious, with a breathing tube, IV, and expanding contusion in his brain to talking about media theory and tossing around a basketball with his son. He’s becoming more able to move his own wheelchair and is learning to use walker with support from aides. Josh is in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology therapies and also gets LMT and acupuncture treatments.

The best way to communicate with Josh is to send cards, photos, flowers, and other things* ’til June 21 at Providence. (After that, he might still be at Providence, might be somewhere else; we don’t know.)

Providence Portland Medical Center
Patient: Joshua Berger
4805 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97213

If you want to drop something by in person, leave it at the Information desk in the main lobby. (If you want to visit Josh personally, please contact Tiffany magdalen23 at gmail.com first and read below.) After June 21, send or drop off things to:

c/o Tiffany, 1123 SE 36th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214.

Well, you know Josh. He’d probably like to see good, current design/architecture/photography/art magazines; sports stuff (basketball, mainly); letters that talk about your everyday life, a good film you watched the other day; flowers; photos with stories about things that you and Josh did in the past.

Josh is really enjoying general conversations of a philosophical, artistic, design, and political nature but his doctor stresses that Josh’s brain is working hard every day to keep healing rapidly. His body and brain both need rest in between therapy sessions. So work is the big topic to avoid, though he may bring up certain projects. Worrying about deadlines, return to work, etc. derails those efforts. He knows what his doctor recommends, and you can remind him about it if the conversation seems to start sounding specifically like work, particularly client work.

Josh is getting better fast and that means more visitors are welcome. Please contact Tiffany first, magdalen23 at gmail, to arrange a visit. His schedule of therapies is pretty packed during the week and there’s usually free time on weekends and early evenings.

Family friend Jeremy has started a fund to help the Berger-Brown household with expenses related to adapting the home for Josh’s medical costs, eventual return, childcare, a special nutritional plan for Josh’s recovery, and the like. Caregiving expenses are not covered by insurance and the family faces reduced income, though Tiffany hopes to return to work soon. Donate at tinyurl.com/joshfundraiser or this really long link.

To help with household, transportation, childcare, or other needs, please go to the CareCalendar site, and enter security code: 9631. If you have any questions on volunteering, please contact Anna.

Amazing family, friends, community, and colleagues who have reached out with so much warmth, kindness, and passion. Josh knows he is loved. Keep the good vibes, wishes, and prayers coming. They seem to be working!

And thanks Shannon, Jeremy, and Anna for making this web effort happen.



PS: I’m also asked, What happened to the detailed, personal updates on this site? Due to legal and insurance concerns, I’ve had to delete that stuff.