help out

Thank you, everyone, so freakin’ much for all the amazing help you’ve given us.

Members of my family are still driving up to Portland for a few days nearly every week. They help with the house, yard, Gusty, me, and Josh. Several neighbors have invited Gusty to play with their kids weekly until mid August. Josh’s parents have enrolled him in a specialized brain injury program several half-days each week. So things are settling a bit and we’re closing down the CareCalendar site.

Things can still be overwhelming around here, so if you want to bring by dinner or run an errand, we’re always happy for the help. You can email me, magdalen23 at gmail dot com.

Again — thank you for everything!


If you can help with household, childcare, transportation, or other needs, please go to the CareCalendar site, and enter security code: 9631.. If you have any questions on volunteering, please contact Anna.