Josh’s Recovery Nutrition Plan

Would you like to donate CSA deliveries or sponsor Josh’s recovery nutrition plan? Please use the donation link, and you can email Jeremy with questions.

Andrea at Replenish is Josh’s nutritionist and has very kindly offered her services gratis, but we need to cover costs for ingredients. Pre-accident Josh was very, very into her program and it made him into the incredibly healthy guy who’s physically recovering so well from such a devastating accident. (Josh designed their lovely site, too:

General Food Info for the Family:

Josh Foods No gluten, sugar, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, dairy, processed weird stuff. Check ingredient lists of sauces (soy sauce, for example, has gluten; most GF breads have evaporated cane juice). Basically vegan with fish added in. Organic stuff preferred. White rice or wild rice preferred to brown rice (look up “brown rice” and “arsenic”, it sucks to learn this news!)
Gusty Foods No sugar, corn syrup, weird processed stuff. Go for healthy; very little pasta, bread, etc. Meats OK. White or wild rice preferred.
Tiffany Foods T’s ideal meal is an amazing salad, beef carpaccio, wine, duck confit over lentils with a quail egg broken over the top (i’ve never had that, doesn’t it sound good?), three pounds of chevre or delice de bourgogne, a roasted rabbit, bread, trout pan-fried with garlic & rosemary & chanterelles over a campfire, and lark’s tongues in aspic. For dessert, creme brulee (no wacky flavorings, please) and a chocolate pot de creme. With decaf coffee and cream. OK. you get the idea.
Everybody Foods Big vats of very healthy hearty food – veggie, lentil, bean soup, cioppino, squash soup. Amelia eats vegetarian plus seafood, and likes anything having to do with delicious cheese.
Microwave available? Yes at hospital and at home
Freezer space available? Yes at home

Would you like to donate CSA deliveries or sponsor Josh’s recovery nutrition plan? Please contact Jeremy.